Image credit: Jodie Marks


Storage and Space in the Sustainable Home: Are we ready for the 21st Century?

The design of our homes and the space available within and around them has an impact on our health and the way that we live.  New homes being built in the UK have been criticised for not providing sufficient space for basic living functions. The UK now has the smallest homes in Europe, often with small multi-purpose rooms and very little storage space. 

Researchers at the University of the West of England have investigated changes in the size and design of housing in the UK over the last 100 years to determine the impact of space in the home on sustainable and healthy lifestyles and the storage needs for sustainable living.

This website highlights the key social, economic, technological and political factors that have influenced housing design over the last 100 years. It identifies and explores:

  • patterns and connections between changes in housing standards, policies and technology and their effect on people’s behaviour in the home. These have been presented in five timelines: House typologies; Economics and industrialisation; Health; Legislation and policy; Society; and Lifestyles and technology; and
  • the space and storage requirements in today’s society to support healthy and sustainable lifestyles.