Publications and Dissemination

Burgess, S. and Marco. E (2012) 'British Housing: Timelines and typologies' presented at The UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference: Building Communities, Transforming Neighbourhoods into Community Spaces, 11-13 April 2012, University of Brighton.

Marco, E. & Burgess, S. (2012) ‘British Housing: Timelines and Types’, exhibited alongside‘Cooks Camden: London’s Great Experiment in Urban Housing’, The Architecture Centre, Bristol, February – April 2012.

Marco, E. & Burgess, S. (2012) ‘GLUT: Cupboards and consumerism at Home’ presented at ‘Housing Benefits’ Programme at the Architecture Centre in Bristol, March 2012. 

Marco, E. (2012) 'British Housing: Timelines and typologies' presented at the Architecture and Civil Engineer Research Seminars, University of Bath (April 2012).